As with many of the other new textures that I have been reviewing, the Gauntlet Fleshlight texture is an exclusive to the Fleshlight Girls range of toys. This one was made specially for Jesse Jane’s Fleshlight sleeve. As one of the most well known names in the porn business, Jesse Jane has been the fantasy of men and women all over the world… and now you can take home a piece of this tight blonde babe to keep forever.

Jesse Jane Fleshlight Gauntlet

Now, on to the specifics of the Fleshlight Gauntlet texture and why it is different from all of the others. It is actually a combination of 5 other textures in the Fleshlight range, which makes it what they call a super texture. For a start, once you push on past Jesse Jane’s famous pink lips, you will find a short and very tight passage filled with tiny ribs. After that, you will find a single Swallow node, followed by a single Lotus node, which leads in to a long passage of gently fangs, and finally – if you can make it that far – you will find yourself at the STU bumps which are guaranteed to finish you off in no time at all.

Gauntlet Fleshlight texture image

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